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The Story of

dSLR: Design by Sydney Lyn

I am so glad you're here! 

My photography story started when my grandpa placed his DSLR camera in my hands at the age of 10. Ever since, photography has become a shared passion. From traveling across the globe, to taking pictures of The Ohio State football team, I feel most like myself when I have my camera around my neck. During the pandemic, I started watercolor painting while using my photography as inspiration. It added an entire new meaning to my previous business, and dSLR was born. My initials, SLR, fit perfectly into Design by Sydney Lyn. I will be continuing my photography business, and expanding into new areas with watercolor. Welcome to life through my lens!

The Story Behind the Logo

My logo includes a watercolor painting of my grandpa's very first camera. You might recognize that this is a film camera and not a DSLR, which is the digital camera that I use, but it is so special to my business! 

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